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  Tandoori Chicken                                                                        13.99
   Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, broiled over mesquite in tandoor

  Chicken Tikka Kabab                                                                  13.99    Succulent pieces of delicately spiced boneless chicken prepared in tandoor

Served with Basmati rice

  Chicken Madras                                                                          13.95
   Tender pieces of chicken slowly cooked in a rich coconut and chilly curry

  Chicken Tikka Masala                                                                 13.95
  Tandoori roasted chicken simmered in our special masala sauce

  Karahi Chicken                                                                           13.95        Tender cubes of chicken stir fried with bell pepper, onion and tomatoes  

  Chicken 65                                                                                  13.99
   Chicken sliced onions and bell peppers sauteed with mustard seeds and curry leaves

   Chicken Pickle                                                                           13.99         Chicken cooked with spicy green chilly, whole spices and onions

 Chicken                                                                            13.99        Tender chicken cooked in our special blend of peppers
Chicken                                                                           13.95         Murg Makhani. Boneless tandoori chicken simmered in butter curry

Chicken Mushroom                                                                     13.95         Chicken cooked with mushrooms in a blend of tomatoes and spices

  Choose a spice level:   
  Mild        Medium       Spicy       Very Spicy       Indian Spicy

The tandoor is a clay oven, fired by charcoal in which marinated selections are broiled over a long skewer.

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